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Mediterranean Restaurant | La Côte Vermeille | Port-Vendres

Experience great Mediterranean cuisine – we serve you dishes that are freshly made and authentic. You can also enjoy French cuisine at our restaurant. Enjoy a wonderful evening in our outdoor seating area. On colder days we have a heated terrace, which offers a comfy atmosphere and a perfect safe haven from the cold. You can also escape the heat and stay cool while you eat in our air-conditioned spaces.

- A restaurant in a great location with lunch - Select any one of our Mediterranean dishes and experience something amazing. Expect only the best various regional dishes at our restaurant. If you choose our popular fish dishes or seafood dishes, why not complement it with a drink, an aromatic craft beer, a fine glass of wine or a refreshing beer? You'll always have a wonderful lunch or dinner at our restaurant.

- For your convenience we also have parking spaces - If you arrive by car, you'll find free parking for diners available to you. For families with baby strollers or guests using wheelchairs, our restaurant is wheelchair accessible to suit your needs. We're a pet friendly location, so your furry friends are most welcome. So that you don't have to wait or miss out on an amazing evening, make a reservation with us – we'd be happy to prepare a table for you. We are available via email give us a call at +3304 68 82 05 71 if you would like to reserve a table. We take VISA, cheques, AMEX, MasterCard, vouchers and travellers cheques, although if you don't have your card with you, we also take cash payments. You can come by any day of the week for a bite, except Mondays.


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Quai Fanal, 66660 Port-Vendres, France

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+3304 68 82 05 71

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12:00 – 13:45
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